The Final Episodes of Season 4

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So you have a hole in your life that isn’t being fulfilled?  So you have a need for entertainment, laughter, and blunt honesty??  So you have an embarrassing “Jersey Shore” like addiction to a certain internet show on Thursday nights???  So, we have a solution! So You Have a Girlfriend closes out Season 4 with… Read more »

SYHAG is Back! Season 4 Premieres THIS THURSDAY

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The popular web series, “So You Have A Girlfriend” returns Thursday, February 13th at 6pm with an all-new episode, a whole new format and some new faces to the mix. Don’t worry, you’re not losing out on your old favorites, but tune in every week for a new mix of your favorite relationship…experts? Season 4… Read more »

SYHAG Returns! Season 3 Premieres tonight!

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You’ve waited all summer, and it’s finally here! We’re BACK, in this special 2 video season premiere. Since we didn’t really get the chance to make a night of it, we thought we’d something kind of cool and deliver you both videos at two separate times tonight. Check at 630pm for a special “SYHAG… Read more »

Without JoE, CBS Pulls Reality Dating Show ‘3’

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There were very limited people who know about my experience with the show, but one of the first things I told them was how disappointed I was in the attractiveness of the girls. Now, a couple people believed me, without having seen pictures. Other people, however, thought I was just saying that because I had… Read more »

Why JoE is in a Commercial for CBS’ New Reality Dating Show ‘3’

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Screen Shot 2012-07-17 at 12.54.18 PM

If you’ve been watching CBS at all the last couple weeks you may have caught a split second glimpse of SYHAG’s own, JoE. Well…let’s tell you why. Back in December, our contact at Tribune Co. received a request from a casting company looking for people in the Chicagoland area willing to participate in the show…. Read more »

SYHAG “Bro!” Episode – Featuring Music by Token Blokes

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We generally try not to get TOO lame on the show. Halloween episode…that was on par. Valentine’s Day episode, c’mon, it was a classy venture. This week though, we ABSOLUTELY made asses out of ourselves trying to be the finest bros & hos we could possibly be. Unfortunately Nicole wasn’t able to make it out… Read more »

SYHAG teams up with

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Friends, Fans…and let’s face it, Family, wanted to drop everyone a line to let you know what the “semi-big” news was with our little adventure here. A few weeks ago, we ended up chatting with the folks over at about joining forces to help us gain some exposure not only in the Chicago area,… Read more »

Merry Christmas! – SHYAG iPhone Ringtones

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That’s right, it’s Christmas morning and we here at SYHAG wanted to give you all a little gift. Not much, but now you can bring in the new year with this SYHAG iPhone ringtones. Have that little “doo-doo, duh-duh-duh-doo-doo” in your pocket and ringing all season long! As an added bonus, we even included a… Read more »

Season 1 Complete

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Everybody, just, thank you for all your support as we got this whole thing started. I know it doesn’t seem like that much, but to have 12 episodes, our ideal first season posted and live for the world to see…just, a hell of a sense of accomplishment on our part. We all had a blast… Read more »

This Week’s Special Guest, Matt Hoffman from CBS’ Big Brother

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I’d like to think we’ve got some pretty cool friends we know, and this week we wanted to bring on a buddy of ours that we’ve known for a long time who took a rather trending fashion in his claim to fame. If you saw Big Brother 12, you know the “Diabolical Super Genius”, Matt… Read more »

JoE Makes it to TV

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Screen Shot 2011-12-07 at 7.01.30 PM

What happens when you put a news camera anywhere near JoE…he finds someway to get on it. Imagine a drop of a blood in a shark tank. Only instead of the shark going for the blood, it’s JoE realizing he can be in a spotlight. Somewhere, somehow, if only for seconds…he’ll find it. This time,… Read more »

How to Get a Date with Victoria’s Secret Model Doutzen Kroes

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Screen Shot 2011-12-07 at 6.34.28 PM

First off, you have to understand the world through my eyes, in which, anything is possible. What can I say, I’m a dreamer, and for something like this, you almost have to be. But, honestly I’m starting this blog post with no particular plan in mind. I just saw this incredible holiday video featuring her,… Read more »

Only 4 Episodes Left

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Wow, who’d have thought the end of season 1 would be upon us so quickly. Tomorrow holds the premiere of Episode 9 and gets us one episode closer to our Episode 12 season finale. Then, we’re taking a break for a little bit, but don’t you worry, we’ll be back in Late January/Early February with… Read more »

Special Halloween Episode

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Be sure to tune in tomorrow night for our special Halloween episode of So You Have a Girlfriend and she dresses like a slut for Halloween! I mean, c’mon, who doesn’t love Halloween. And if you’re a little kid, you go door to door and get candy. If you’re an adult, you go bar to… Read more »

Season Premiere Release!

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Already can’t wait, huh?! I know, me neither. Figured we’d at least give you a heads up about when to expect the episode so you’re not just sitting there all day staring at the clock and refreshing the site. Don’t get me wrong, we’d love the hits, but you can chill. Tune in tonight at… Read more »

Filming for Episode 1

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Alright, not gonna lie to you guys, I don’t even think WE know exactly what this is yet. But, we’re not wasting anytime. Jumping right into things here at SYHAG headquarters. And exactly WHAT do we have in store for you? Episode 1, So You Have A Girlfriend…well, not yet. Tune in on October 6th… Read more »

Site Launch

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If you’ve EVER questioned what to do at some phase of your relationship, then welcome, WELCOME friends, to An online video relationship advice site meant to give you the insight your friends don’t always have. How many times you’ve been wondering what the best approach was, or if what you’re feeling is “normal”. We’re… Read more »

[Season 1 Promo] What is

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Somehow you managed to not only pick the girl up, but you were able to woo her enough to actually talk her into committing to you. Nice job! Now what? Let our video blogging staff take you through the motions of the relationship world. When to have sex, when to tell her you love her… Read more »

Wingmanning 101: Improv

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Wingman (according to A Wingman is a guy you bring along with you on singles outings (like to bars) that helps you out with the women. Wingman (according to Wikipedia) A role that a person may take when a friend needs support with approaching potential partners. Wingman (according to JoE) The “friend” you bring… Read more »

Filming Begins

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Over 2 years in the making and we’ve now officially begun! begins filming TONIGHT. First up on the agenda, a quick 30-45 second promo video just to let everyone know WHAT this site actually is. Which….by the time you’re reading this, is probably on the homepage already. Everybody is super excited for this and… Read more »

The Gang’s All Here

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Added our official 6th cast member today and it looks like the team is all getting acclimated with the system and already tossing around a few more ideas for where we want to take this. Can you feel it? Can you feel the anticipation already? Current schedule holds to get a promo video shot next… Read more »

Really? There’s a Blog?

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Sooo, yeah, sometimes we’re not always gonna feel like writing about relationship advice. Sometimes, there’s something much cooler to talk about that’s going on with us. Me, my latest obsession, The Hype Machine ( It’s kind of awesome. The fact that you can just seamlessly play through songs your friends have recommended, all day in… Read more »

Signing On Staff

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After sitting on the beta for over a year, we’re finally getting a move on with signing on some staff members for the first season of episodes. In the mean time, we’re going have everyone start harnessing their intimate feelings by answering some questions for the Q&A section. So, if you’ve happened to stumble along… Read more »

We’re in Beta!

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Is this thing actually legit?! Really, we’re gonna turn this into something real? If you were to turn a magic 8 ball, it would say “All Signs Point to Yes”, because here….we….go!