Born and bred in Bogota, Colombia, Joanna is your single Gemini taking all the chances she has in life to get what she wants.

Typically being the conversation starter, Joanna likes to offer advice on everything from art and medical, to life in general. Just never come to her with a math question, unless it involves money and spending it.

With a decent amount of education under her belt, Joanna holds several degrees. However, her professional advice comes from hours of reading scientific journals in couples therapy. . . or watching Sex And The City and Entourage. . . they’re both the same concept right?

Joanna has had long-term, short-term, temporary, untitled, and undefined relationships. With a pretty decent sense of the fun single life, to the married life, her thoughts and influences come from the people that surround her. She understands both a man and woman’s perspective, and with the types of people she’s dated, those reading should heed her advice to avoid making the dating mistakes she has made. She will help guide you through the mess of a dating world so hopefully you won’t end up unhappy.


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