Sitting as the founder of he realized, that, while he may not have the best advice to offer. . . the friends that surround him do. And if they don’t. . . at least it’s funny.

Your stereotypical Leo and complete hopeless romantic, JoE lives by the thought that life is a movie. Some people just say that as an expression, JoE ACTUALLY thinks it everyday. He’ll try his damnedest to hide it, but he’s a total chick flick guy, too. He thinks that just because he owns Sopranos on DVD, it cancels out the fact that he also owns Gilmore Girls on DVD. Go ahead. . . ask him!

He’s had the long term relationships, the short term relationships, the weird awkward parts where you break-up, but then you keep seeing each other. The extended “introductory” periods with no official title. Went as far one time to buy a ring for a girl thinking he had the love of his life. That uhh. . . yeah, that. . . didn’t. . . really. . . end up. . . working out.

For all his weaknesses though, he’s really good at not being creepy. He’s got a knack for people. Knows how to talk to ’em, how to keep things interesting. Thrives off of being the center of attention. . . well, taking the center of attention away from someone/something. Give him attention, and he’ll just freeze up and stare at you awkwardly.

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