Kelly M.

If you know anything about Scorpios, it’s that they are passionate, stubborn, and as Kelley likes to remind everyone, the best lovers.

Kelley enters relationships confident that she is the best thing that has or will ever happen to a man. This line of thinking lead to a lot of crazy relationships, most very short. Some people like to call her a jumper, but she views it as she doesn’t take any shit from anyone. That includes you Mr. Wonderful.

She’s thinks she is better than you in every way possible. Despite the fact that most of these short lived relationships burned out, Kelley still likes to enter things by jumping straight in with both feet. She has ended up living in some pretty interesting places because of this, namely Hawaii and Costa Rica. She is aiming for a man to take her to Fiji next, because, why not?

Her wit and intellect paired with her keen ability to see people for who they truly are give her a perspective on relationships that most people will never have. You want some advice? Just ask her. Don’t look for any sugar coating here. Be prepared because she’ll sit your ass down and tell you what’s what.

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