Kinjal Mehta

Kinjal is not you’re average girl with average expectations. She grew up in New york city, was brought up going to the opera and hip hop dancing in the middle of central park with street dancers. She started reading the Hobbit in the fifth grade and was drawing murals at the age of ten.

She expected her love life to be as broad and unique as she is….and thats exactly what she found. That, and a whole lot of trouble, the good kind.

Kinjal is an adventurous tom boy, but you’d never guess by looking at her. She is extremely confident and always walks with that same confidence. If she walks into a bar, the guy she wants is always the one she gets. Its why she was the one who asked for her now husbands phone number.

She’s travelled the world and continues to find ways to make her life challenging everyday; being brutally honest and for the most part always right. Most of the time she can even convince the most confident of parties to flatter a bit in their position.

Mrs. Mehta is a studying psychologist and is not licensed. Her opinions are her opinions as an individual and do not reflect that of a professional therapist.

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