Nick is a (somewhat?) single investment professional who moonlights as a rockstar/party animal/aficionado of all things sex. As out of control as he may sound, he definitely has his priorities in check. . . most of the time at least (insert evil super villain laugh here).

Coming from humble beginnings in Chicago’s suburbia and learning valuable lessons about dating and relationships, has helped shape him into the person he is today: a somewhat cynical, overly analytical, always playful, 28-year-old single father. . . to a collie-lab pup. . . and no, I’m not THAT freaky you sick, sick monkey you!

Having gone through the worst of the worst when it came to relationships really opened his eyes to what the most important variable in the dating equation is: YOURSELF! (DON’T WORRY. . . this will all be discussed in depth in future blogs prior to your final exam).┬áNeedless to say, Nick could not be happier in his current spot in life: great job, great family, great friends, and great [almost?] relationship (more on this later as well).

He’s definitely looking forward to helping out those in search of answers when it comes to the R word. Hopefully, through this .com journey down dating boulevard, everyone (including the author!) will learn just a little bit more about relationships, the opposite sex, and themselves.

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