Episode 50

And It’s Time To Meet The Parents!

Episode 49

And She’s Not Ready For Kids!

Episode 48

Who is a Terrible Driver

Episode 47

Who Wants to Know Too Much

Episode 46

Reaching For the Bill

Episode 45

Catches Up

Episode 44

Who Secretly Moved In

Episode 43

And She Wants to Know Your Number

Episode 42

From the Internet

Episode 41

Who Wants to “Take it Slow”

Episode 40

With Bad Credit

Episode 39

That Wants to Move In

Episode 38

Who’s An Ex

Episode 37

You Can’t Please in Bed

Episode 36

That’s Just a Bitch

Episode 35

Who is Addicted to Her Cell Phone

Episode 34

Who Cries All the Time

Episode 33

With a Pet

Episode 32

Only For Sex

Episode 31

But She Doesn’t Know It

Episode 30

You Want to Get Rid Of

Episode 29

Who Loves Jesus

Episode 28

With a Fetish

Episode 27

You Cheated On

Episode 26

And the Sex Has Stopped

Episode 25

And She Wants to Get Married

Episode 24


Episode 23

Who Is On Her Period

Episode 22

Who Only Cares About Money

Episode 21

And She Has a Kid

Episode 20

And She Thinks You’re an A**hole

Episode 19

And She’s Getting Clingy

Episode 18

Who Still Has Pictures of Her Ex on Facebook

Episode 17

Who Got Fat

Episode 16

Who Your Friends Cannot Stand

Episode 15

And It’s Valentine’s Day

Episode 14

When to Fart in Front of Her

Episode 13

You Met Online

Episode 12

And Now You Don’t

Episode 11

Whose Parents Don’t Like You

Episode 10

And You Think She’s Cheating on You

Episode 9

When To Tell Her You Love Her

Episode 8

And She’s Drunk

Episode 7

And It’s Time to Meet Her Family

Episode 6

And She Has a Past

Episode 5

And She Has a Weird Rash

Episode 4

And She Dresses Like a Slut for Halloween

Episode 3

When to Go Facebook Official

Episode 2

When to Have Sex

Episode 1

…well, not yet