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If you’ve EVER questioned what to do at some phase of your relationship, then welcome, WELCOME friends, to An online video relationship advice site meant to give you the insight your friends don’t always have. How many times you’ve been wondering what the best approach was, or if what you’re feeling is “normal”. We’re here to tell you if you’re right, wrong, or just straight up being stupid.

syhag on twitterWith the site being so new, we didn’t have time to put a party together. If we were to be having a launch party, though, you’d probably be hanging out, sipping a margarita and listening to some Kanye. Our team (pictured on the left) has been working around the clock to make sure they had an amazing product to deliver and they couldn’t be happier. Keep them happy, browse around, find out who we all are on the about page. We’ve only got a couple vids up right now, a handful of questions (note: feel free to submit your own from the homepage of the site) and some bios up.

syhag on facebookFollow us on facebook, twitter, we even setup a mailing list if you want to find out what episodes we have coming up before they’re even released. Looking forward to releasing an awesome Season 1 of to you guys featuring topics such as “When to drop an L-bomb”, “When to have sex”, “What to do about that weird rash she has on her…ya know” and more! Comment, tweet, shout it from the top of a mountain…whatever you want. Thanks in advance, everybody.

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