Season Premiere Release!


Already can’t wait, huh?! I know, me neither. Figured we’d at least give you a heads up about when to expect the episode so you’re not just sitting there all day staring at the clock and refreshing the site. Don’t get me wrong, we’d love the hits, but you can chill.

Tune in tonight at 6pm CST for the release of what’s going to start it all. Episode 1: So you have a girlfriend…well, not yet. Our video blogging staff talking about what it means when you’re in that “unofficial” stage with a relationship. Before you put a title on things, how long it should last and even what it means if you’ve already had sex with the person.

If you have happen to be in the Schaumburg, IL area, feel free to meet us out at Finn McCool’s for the premiere party, starts at 9pm CST. We’ll be showing the promo, episode 1 and you get an advanced viewing of 2pisode 2.

Until then…try to enjoy your Thursday, and we’ll see you tonight.

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