This Week’s Special Guest, Matt Hoffman from CBS’ Big Brother

Matt Hoffman from CBS' Big Brother 12

The "Diabolical Super Genius" behind Big Brother 12, Matt Hoffman

I’d like to think we’ve got some pretty cool friends we know, and this week we wanted to bring on a buddy of ours that we’ve known for a long time who took a rather trending fashion in his claim to fame. If you saw Big Brother 12, you know the “Diabolical Super Genius”, Matt Hoffman and we’ve got him on the show.

This week, we thought we’d give everybody just one more angle of insight how to handle a set of parents who just don’t like you. Sure you’re doing terrible things to their son or daughter, but there’s more to it than that. And it’s not just because you’re a total doucher, but maybe we can help you out a bit. With Christmas rapidly approaching, you’re probably sweating a little bit already knowing you’re going to be wedged into that super awkward situation.

Hear some of Matt’s feedback, as well as everybody else here at #SYHAG, this Thursday at 4PM CST. In the meantime, feel free to check out his website, or hit him up on twitter at @HeadOfHOFFhold. See you Thursday!

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