Season 1 Complete


Everybody, just, thank you for all your support as we got this whole thing started. I know it doesn’t seem like that much, but to have 12 episodes, our ideal first season posted and live for the world to see…just, a hell of a sense of accomplishment on our part.

We all had a blast making this season, maybe a little much fun during the drunk episode, and are 110% looking forward to bringing you all a season 2 choked full of even more antics and even some topics other relationship advice columnists wouldn’t dare tackle!

We will be returning on January 26th, with a little added support (that announcement still to come!) and ready to just run our mouths off for the world. Be sure to sign up on our mailing list if you haven’t already, as we’ll be giving everybody some sneak peeks in the off-season. Plus, we’ll still be around writing some blogs and answering questions.

Again, from all of us here, just thank you for helping us make season 1 a success. Merry Christmas…and Happy Chanukah!

JoE, Nick, Nicole, Joanna, Vince and Dr. Barbarella


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