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syhag with chicago nowFriends, Fans…and let’s face it, Family, wanted to drop everyone a line to let you know what the “semi-big” news was with our little adventure here. A few weeks ago, we ended up chatting with the folks over at about joining forces to help us gain some exposure not only in the Chicago area, but also online. After a couple talks negotiating exactly how we wanted to handle everything between both sites, we came to the agreement that would feature our videos AND host our blog.

So, what in the past has been known as our blog section will now redirect users to, while our Q&A, News and Videos will all remain as is on the site. But of course, the big question now of “why team up?”

The cool thing about is that they’re a Tribune Company created by the Chicago Tribune Media Group, which also operates,,, Chicago’s and among others along with a few print publications. With their interest in our weekly videos as well, we’re looking at additional exposure through those mediums. We also shared some of our interest in making things even bigger and they were fans of the idea. One such idea being a live filming in Chicago at some point next season. From them we’d be looking to gain some help with the event from the Red Eye and possibly any Tribune support or promotion we can get.

All in all, it’s a solid move to help us get SYHAG out there a little more and the staff at couldn’t be more awesome. I spent about 2hrs at the Tribune Building a couple weeks ago going over things and just hanging out. Essentially, we’re looking at great exposure through their connected networks, in addition to some premium Google rankings by being on their site. For instance, do a search for “date a victoria’s secret model” and one of our latest blog posts is the first result that pops up.

What this all really means? You’ll still be able to get your video fix here every Thursday, as well as news, Q&A and our new Clips section, but if you want to read a little more about what we’re thinking, you’ll find that at I suggest staying in the loop by following us on Twitter, Facebook or signing up for our mailing list below. Thanks again for all of your support!


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