SYHAG “Bro!” Episode – Featuring Music by Token Blokes


We generally try not to get TOO lame on the show. Halloween episode…that was on par. Valentine’s Day episode, c’mon, it was a classy venture. This week though, we ABSOLUTELY made asses out of ourselves trying to be the finest bros & hos we could possibly be. Unfortunately Nicole wasn’t able to make it out for filming, but we feel Joanna more than compensated for the lack of estrogen by stepping it up a notch. And props to the Dr for going the extra mile sporting a tube top AND makeup. Little known fact, this is the first time Dr. Barbarella has appeared on screen wearing makeup. She doesn’t ever wear makeup in her day-to-day life or on camera. Not her thing.


For those who were wondering, and we doubt you were, those were custom, temporary, but not too-temporary, sharpie tattoos you saw Vince Carone sporting in the episode. Took a whole 15 mins to draw those on and color them in. We thought we covered the douchiest tattoos we could think of between the tribal, barbed wire, giant cross and his last name across his chest, but I feel like we could have done more. Seriously couldn’t think of any other douchebag guy tattoos. If you can, post ’em here!

token-blokes-logoWanted to give a special thanks to Dan & George Castady, of Token Blokes, for providing some ear dropping beats for the episode. We knew it needed something a little more than the standard “doo-doo” and they truly delivered. The duo is a songwriting/production team out of Chicago who has provided a number of commercially focused compositions for organizations such as Pepsi, Hershey’s, Nissan, AT&T, Lego, NASCAR, NHRA and the NFL. And NOW, they can add SYHAG to their portfolio! I know, they’ve gotta be really excited. You can check out their site at or just jump straight into following Token Blokes on Twitter.


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