JoE & Chicago Now Bloggers vs. Kobayashi in an Italian Beef Eating Contest


joe-chokes-kobayashi-syhagRecently, JoE was asked to be part of an elite force put together by ChicagoNow to take down, the world famous, Kobayashi in an Italian Beef eating contest. Few know that JoE was raised on italian beefs. Been eating them since he was a wee lad, and probably contributed to his much heftier, practically diabetic, years in his early 20s. Now though, he was ready for the challenge.

The contest itself was for the ChicagoNow team of 5 to eat 1 beef each, in the time it took Kobayashi to eat 5. Essentially 5 people devouring beef sandwiches in the same amount of time it would take this 1 man to consume the same number of sandwiches.

It was held on the patio level, of the Chicago Tribune building, with several in attendance from both Tribune staff and other ChicagoNow bloggers. It looked promising at the beginning, but unfortunately for us normal folk, the champ would reign supreme. Even add insult to injury by consuming a 6th sandwich before the remaining bloggers could finish 1.

Your boy JoE finished second on the team, behind Dave Wallach of ChicagoNow’s Pace of Chicago blog. Intimidation was at the top of JoE’s list for winning the competition, but definitely fell short. There’s no intimidating a man who once faced a bear in an eating competition.

You can check out the official video here:

Another blogger who was in attendance shot his own video here:

And you can check out Kobayashi vs. A Bear here:

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