Why JoE is in a Commercial for CBS’ New Reality Dating Show ‘3’


cbs-reality-dating-show-3-featuring-joe-martinIf you’ve been watching CBS at all the last couple weeks you may have caught a split second glimpse of SYHAG’s own, JoE. Well…let’s tell you why.

Back in December, our contact at Tribune Co. received a request from a casting company looking for people in the Chicagoland area willing to participate in the show. A couple exchanges of SYHAG episodes and a phone call led to a “yeah, we like you, and we’ll be in touch.” Then…nothing. For months.


For the first time ever, there was a man holding a sign w/ JoE's name on it at the airport.

That is until things started clicking again and JoE was propositioned to fly out to LA in early May, all expenses paid, for 4 nights as part of the audition process.

There he met with show producers, staff and went through series of medical and psychological tests. It would be about a month later when he learned everything had gone through and they wanted him to be a part of the show, and onset, in the suburbs of Chicago, in early June to “meet the girls”.

On set, JoE was taken for a pre-interview before meeting the girls. Extremely similar to SYHAG, one-on-one, asking him what he wanted out of relationships, what love means and more. Needless to say, he felt overly prepared for the task after 30 episodes of SYHAG already completed.

The producer doing the pre-interview loved him and said there was no way the girls weren’t going to choose him, despite his on-camera terminology of disliking girls with “bitch faces.” An on-screen conversation that went something like this:

Producer: “So what is that you tend to stay away from in girls.”
JoE: “Bitch faces, I hate bitch faces. When you look at a girl, and she just has that bitch face. Oh shit! Am I allowed to swear? Can I even say ‘bitch face’?”
Producer: “Uhhhm, sure. You can say ‘bitch face’.
JoE: “Oh, cool. Alright then, yeah. Bitch faces. I hate bitch faces.”

After that rather lovely exchange, he was then filmed walking into the house and sitting down to meet “the 3 girls”; Rachel, April and Libby. First thought, quite disappointed. He expected them to be cuter, but nonetheless, the conversations began.


At the end of it, the girls of ‘3’ decided if they thought JoE was going to be the man they fall in love with. None of them thought he was their 1. Get it, 1, 3. See what I did there?!

He got up, shook some hands and was immediately escorted into a post-interview room to give his thoughts on it all. After that, he was taken back to the hotel and told he was free to leave. He immediately booked his flight to Toronto to meet his team for their hockey tournament that night.

Now, however, we are on the brink of the show launch and some commercials airing on CBS have apparently featured JoE. Enough that family members and friends have been posing their questions wondering “Why JoE is in a commercial for a reality dating show on CBS?” What we don’t know, is whether or not JoE will be shown in the first episode. With it being a brand-new format, there’s no telling what the setup might be.


It’s possible you’ll be able to catch JoE as part of the “rejected” group, if they show participants who didn’t make the cut. Which, sounds entirely possible that they’d leave you guessing when they meet a guy. And with him being in the commercials, even if only for less than a split second, it’s possible they’ll be showcasing his enthusiastic attitude towards love. There’s only one way to find out.

Tune in this Thursday night, ironically JoE’s birthday, at 9pm CST on CBS to see if you spot JoE on national television.

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