Without JoE, CBS Pulls Reality Dating Show ‘3’


There were very limited people who know about my experience with the show, but one of the first things I told them was how disappointed I was in the attractiveness of the girls. Now, a couple people believed me, without having seen pictures. Other people, however, thought I was just saying that because I had been denied.

In this case, looks like the world has spoken! Nobody wants to watch 3 mediocre broads, 1 with a bitch face, pick non-interesting dudes to go on dates with. Even being a part of it, I tried to watch last Sunday’s episode and it wasn’t even tolerable. Apparently I wasn’t the only one.

According to an article in the Huffington Post, the show has been pulled after just 2 episodes. 2! They couldn’t even handle a 3rd episodes of ‘3’. It was also said to have had the “lowest demo ratings ever for a premiere”

Well hey, that’s fun news to hear! Besides, now we can all focus on something that’s not getting cancelled, SoYouHaveAGirlfriend.com Season 3! Check out the promos below for the shit-storm that’s about to ensue when all of us are back on camera again.

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