SYHAG Returns! Season 3 Premieres tonight!


You’ve waited all summer, and it’s finally here! We’re BACK, in this special 2 video season premiere. Since we didn’t really get the chance to make a night of it, we thought we’d something kind of cool and deliver you both videos at two separate times tonight.

Check at 630pm for a special “SYHAG Pathetically Admits to Stalking” prelude, leading up to the premiere of Episode 31 “So You Have A Girlfriend But She Doesn’t Know It” at 9pm.

We’re happy to be back and have some great episodes planned for this season, as well as updates to the site and fully back on track answering YOUR questions. After all, we know we’re not the only ones over here running into relationship issues! Submit your new questions on the site, and we’ll be getting them posted.

As for now, it’s almost time!

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