SYHAG is Back! Season 4 Premieres THIS THURSDAY


The popular web series, “So You Have A Girlfriend” returns Thursday, February 13th at 6pm with an all-new episode, a whole new format and some new faces to the mix. Don’t worry, you’re not losing out on your old favorites, but tune in every week for a new mix of your favorite relationship…experts?

Season 4 will rotate cast members in a group discussion setting answering YOUR questions. Tune in weekly as three SYHAG cast members, and one special guest, add their unique insight and rational to the relationship problems of the world. Each episode is dedicated to the discussion of a single user-submitted question with the length of each episode being dictated by the number of items to discuss. Meaning, you can see some episodes this season stretching for that 10-minute mark, while others will be the traditional 3-5 minute presentation.

Weekly episodes resume this Thursday, February 13th through the end of May. Episodes will be posted to and our YouTube channel at 6pm where you can join us for a new combination of people, topics and inappropriately timed sexual comments all season long. Watch weekly to see JoE, Nicole, Vince, Nick, and Dr. Barbarella as you’ve rarely seen them before.

Sign up on our mailing list for weekly episode recaps and more. Then mark your calendar for Thursday, February 13th as we try to help you through your relationships. How, exactly? The way we see it, you don’t need experts, you just need friends. See you Thursday!

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