The Final Episodes of Season 4


So you have a hole in your life that isn’t being fulfilled?  So you have a need for entertainment, laughter, and blunt honesty??  So you have an embarrassing “Jersey Shore” like addiction to a certain internet show on Thursday nights???  So, we have a solution!

So You Have a Girlfriend closes out Season 4 with a couple great episodes and a bonus episode chalked full of content that didn’t make it into the week-by-week of the season.  We are pulling out all the stops starting May 22nd and we want YOU to enjoy it.  Want to see Barbie take us through her hilarious linguistic choices?  We’ve got it!  Want to fall in love with Joe’s charisma and charm? We’ve got it!  Want to see Vince rant and be an asshole?  Simply talk to him!  Plus, we’ve got it!

We’ve got content galore and we are heating up more than first cousins in a Kentucky prom limo!  The one thing we don’t have yet that we need, is you!  Are you following our twitter, are you liking our Facebook, are you ready for the madness that is So You Have a Girlfriend?  I hope so, because we’ve got some surprises coming your way and we’d love for you to be a part of this wild ride.

If the May 22nd episode gets 200 views by midnight, Joe and Vince will play duet on guitar for you all the very next week!  You haven’t heard anything until you’ve heard the two of them singing about their relationships – make it happen!

May 22nd – SYHAG gears up for it’s big finish, come finish with us!

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