Do guys like flexible girls?

So, is flexibility a big thing that guys like? Cause I have come across multiple occasions where the guy has not cared. I always thought that it was a sexy trait of mine, but now I am not sure. - Veronica from Denver, CO

Ok, can you blame the men???  You have to ask yourself this:  Who doesn’t love Gymnastic Barbie?

Unfortunately, it is the mindset of a man.  All men really do appreciate a woman who can work it like Gumby.  Flexibility is a highly admired quality both in and out of the bedroom.  Men love the idea of a naked woman who can move and bend in ways that they can only imagine.  If they didn’t, there’d be no such things as strip clubs.   And that would be a sad sad sad world.  So keep the flexibility going, and just be happy that you aren’t like the 99% of the other women out there who suffer pulled muscles and strains after a night in the bedroom with a man who wants to try everything he thinks we are capable of.  And if you’re beginning to think that is the only reason why the guys are into you, it is time to rethink your characteristics and values and possibly hold back on revealing your super power.

For me, the flexibility isn’t as important as the other aspects of a relationships. For example, I might be able to pretzel you and spin you around like a early 90’s hip-hop dancer while we jam out to some Bell Biv Devoe, but if you’re not into the sex, it’s not going to matter. Flexibility is almost more of a bonus for sex with someone you DO like, as opposed a trait a guy would actively seek to begin with.

OH! But also, you could be with a dude who’s just not confident about his bedroom abilities and is afraid to take advantage of your Stretch Armstrong-ness in fear of fracturing or injuring his weiner, OR, simply not being able to perform the task. I know you can find girls who will say “size doesn’t matter” and girls who will say it does. Fact of the matter on that topic, is that size, like flexibility, opens up more doors to do more things. Dude packing a 9mm, might not be able to lay next to you and have sex with you from behind because he just can’t reach…or your ass is too big. Yeah…your ass could be kind of big too.

Though, shit, wait. If you’re more flexible. that’s almost like a short dude’s dream. It would be easier access to everything and make him feel like a boss. Buuuuut, his confidence and willingness to explore could already be kind of shot. Hmmmm. Maybe it’s just a pure lack of knowledge too, that a guy just doesn’t know what to do with a flexible girl. “SUCK YOUR TOE WHILE I PLOW AWAY AT YOUR VAGINA.”…ehhh, wouldn’t really do it for me. There are way more things that make sex better than flexibility alone. The light hair-pulling, the kissing, the ear nibbling, the grabbing…the…the passion!

Uhhhmm…I’m not even sure I answered your question. I think I talked about dude’s with small penises, couple early 90’s references and toe sucking. Yeeaaaaahhh, I’m just uhh…I’m just gonna stop answering this question now.