How far can I go “stalking” the girl I like before it gets creepy?

- Justin from Bar Harbor, ME

Okeedokee … do not call it stalking. There are certain phrases that are best left out of the “i like someone” realm, and stalking or stalker are definitely at the top of that list. So axe the moniker, it would be best if you never spoke of it again. The definition of stalking is to pursue or approach prey … she may be prey in your eyes, but it is not something she is gonna like hearing, nor something people are going to accept as normal, so drop it. Refer to yourself as actively interested or enthusiastically engrossed. Easy enough, moving on …..

Next … get honest and tell her you dig her. Whichever result comes out of it will be good in the long run. She says cool? you are go on the chase. She says no dice? At least now you can begin the process of getting the f**k over it. If you really like her, it may take a while to move forward, but at least you don’t have to linger around like an asshole. if you ask, you’ll get a response. good or bad doesn’t really matter in the long haul, it’s the ability to nut up and face these queries that will help you with not having to ask these questions later on.

not to mention … chicks dig confidence … and stalking is not confident … it’s weird.


Well I think since you just deemed it as “stalking”, it’s already creepy?

Just cool your jets Bro DiMaggio.  IF she likes you back, she will want to spend more time with you getting to know you.  The last thing you want to do is for her to be turned off because you’re annoying the hell outta her before you even have had the chance to hangout.  Stop with the incessant texts asking what she’s doing at every given minute of the day and if she got your previous 136 texts asking the same thing.  SHE DID.  She’s ignoring you, so that might be indication in itself that she already thinks you’re creepy.  Honestly, play it cool.  It’s totally fine to text her every once in a while to see if she’d like to hangout, or to flirt, or whatever the hell else you could do to better your possible standing with her.  But for the love of God, DO NOT STALK HER!!! Stop trolling her Facebook.  Stop driving past her house to see if she’s home.  Stop texting her friends asking them every last detail of her life.  Just STOP.  If there is one single thing that girls hate the absolute most about dudes, it would be their overall creepiness.  DON’T be that guy.  You need to have confidence in yourself mi amigo.  Don’t lose sleep if she doesn’t immediately text you back.  Things will happen if you just be yourself and CHILL THE F OUT.  If they don’t, then don’t worry about it.  Go pop in Call of Duty, grab a six pack, take your frustrations out on the Ruskis faces, and start fresh the next day.  The key is to just get out there and meet as many new people as you can.  Be personable and genuine, not creepy.  They can smell that shiz from a mile away.  Now, go get em’ tiger!