What kind of romantic stuff do girls want?

I gotta take my girlfriend on a romantic date, but my idea of romantic is wearing pants when her parents are around for her sake! - Jonas from New York, NY

First and foremost, please refer to the image on the left.  Secondly, why in the H, E, double hockey sticks are you in a relationship for if you don’t even WANT to bring your girlfriend out on a date, let alone be romantic and spontaneous with her? But really…I mean, I’m gonna level with you here for a second Broseph Stalin: these are the things you shouldn’t have to be TOLD to do by your significant other.  If that’s the case, then you’re already up shit’s creek without a paddle relationship-wise and need to take a serious look at what you’re doing wrong.  Girls want you, their boyfriend/fiance/husband, to make them feel S-P-E-C-I-A-L, because that’s what they should be to you.  You’re together for an effing reason! You gots to show your lil’ lady that you care for her.  Now that being said, you don’t have to shower her with lavish gifts and getaways everyday (although I know there’s alot of women out there who operate solely on this premise, but to hell with the gold diggers I say!).  It’s always the little things that count…the memories that you create together are priceless, in whatever context that they’re in.  Don’t get me wrong, It’s always fun to go to a nice dinner /night out on the town/vacation/etc… and treat both your loved one and yourself.   But there’s countless things you can do that don’t necessarily require you wearing a suit and tie out to some fancy pants restaurant and acting like you own the joint.  Grab a few bottles of wine and a blanket and head to the beach to enjoy each other’s company during the sunset for example.  Or if wine doesn’t tickle your fancy, you can try to tap into her interests; think of the things that she likes to do, and work off of that.  Showing your partner that you’re interested in the things that THEY’RE interested in is always big points for the home team. If nothing else, simply let them know how you feel about them from time to time.  Your girlfriend (no matter how confident they are in themselves, you, or your relationship) always appreciates hearing that she means the world to you.  If you can’t stomach the thought of any one of these options, then maybe a girlfriend (or having to wear pants in public) isn’t what you need at this point in your life.

Romance. . .  quite an interesting topic and quite illusive when you actually go to look for it.  Everything about romance brushes the topics brought up in a Danielle Steel novel.  But before you go picking up some sappy love book, take a minute and ask yourself what you think is romantic.  To me, it all depends on what you qualify as romance.  Some women in this day and age think romance is about gift giving.  Others might think of it as poetry.  But what happened to those days of burning a mix tape and sending a nice card unexpectedly?  My suggestion:  try sending her texts telling her you’re thinking of her, or buy her a flower bouquet from time to time.  If you’re out and about and see something that reminds you of her, pick it up.  It could be anything, as long as it sends the message that you care about her.  Hell, take a walk with her, or show her a place that you hung out at as a child.  Think of the movie Pleasantville.  You can also take a few hints she might be dropping.  But if she’s walking you into a Tiffany and Co. only a few months into the relationship, you had better take Kanye’s advice and, “Beware of the Gold Digger,” ’cause she she ain’t messin’ with no broke . . .