Why am I only attracted to attached men?

I have an attracted to men who are already in a relationship, but once they break up with their girlfriend and ask me out, im no longer interested. What is wrong with me? - Cori from Sacramento, CA


This sounds like the typical “wanting what you can’t have” situation here.  You’re like the hunter that kills the deer just to kill it, but doesn’t want to eat it.  You like the challenge, the sport, the game, the “hunt”…but when it comes time for the work, you lose interest.  Nothing is wrong with you – wanting what you can’t have and then taking it for granted when you get it is what America is based on.  However, I will say that the least you can do in this situation is f*ck the guy one time before you kick him to the curb.  After all, he did just break up with somebody for you.  I understand the need to act on the ’30-day out” clause, but give him a sympathy hump if nothing else.

And, don’t feel guilty.  That is the one thing that I want to stress here.  Life is too short not to go after what you want and you have to remember that HE is the one leaving his girlfriend…so obviously they weren’t right for each other anyway.  Besides, one day some guy will come around and he will knock you on your ass and you WON’T be able to get him…that’ll humble you a little bit.  But until you’re ready for commitment over corruption, I say go out and be a home wrecker as long as you can.  We all don’t get those kind of powers in life…take advantage of them!

By the way, I’m wrong 99% of the time!


Coming from a standpoint that I can completely understand . . . you’re into what most people call, “mind f***ing.”  It’s rather simple to understand.  And like what VC said earlier, it is wanting what you can’t have.  I get it, we all have our things.  Our weird triggers that get us going.  Unfortunately this not a good quality to have.  To me it sounds like you need to sit down and really evaluate what it is that you enjoy most about a person before setting out and becoming what most women refer to as a, “homewrecking bitch.”  Yeah, hate to say it, but really, it’s not a good thing.  I mean granted that they are breaking up for you means it probably wasn’t mean to be, but it doesn’t mean that it is right either.  Think about how you might feel if someone did this to you.  Bottom line, if you think it’s something that might become problematic and interfere with you finding a good guy for yourself, you might just want to seek help with therapy.  Or just stop f***ing with people’s heads.


Sit down, think about what you want in a person.  Perhaps you should try speed dating.  That way no one gets hurt in the end.  It seems like it might be your cup of tea.