Is it bad that im 16 and only kissed one guy so far?

And i was scared so it wasnt all that great, and im afraid that next time i kiss someone that ill be bad at it. How do i fix this? - Krista from Chicago, IL

Lesson one … kissing one dude warrants the privilege of not being good at kissing, so enjoy the excuse while you have it.

Two … Over thinking the quality of the kiss you’re engaged in will inevitably ruin it, that is almost a guarantee, so keep it in mind.

Three … Try not to let previous make-outs, good or bad, play any role in a current make-out. It’s just not a good idea.

Four … Think of yourself as selective, it is far better than being a mouth whore anyways.


Something wrong with it? absolutely not.

Late bloomer (in certain circles)? a little bit.

If you want to improve you have to practice. None of that kiss your hand crap either … I’m talking full on make-out, the kind that takes up hours … and yes, that happens and it can be awesome!

good luck.


Great question, understandable concern, nothing to be worried about! We are all presented different opportunities at different times…it just turns out that you had to wait a little longer than most people for yours. Those things happen; I knew a girl in high school that didn’t get her first kiss till she was 17 and then had sex 3 weeks later…she made up for lost time. My point is, don’t focus on your age.

As far as not being good at it…stop worrying…maybe it sucked because the guy was terrible at it. There is no reason you need to take all the blame here. I would go under the assumption that you did everything right and he’s a chaunce that botched it.

How do you get better??? Become a mouth whore. I would take the opposite approach as stated above. I think you are 16 years old…enjoy it! You only have a limited window in life where there is a steady flow of horny individuals your age surrounding you at all times. Pretty soon you’ll have to buy drinks, pick one night a week to TRY and find someone you dig, and put on a song & dance with everybody you meet. That gets exhausting. Don’t let these days slip by you. Get out there and tongue it up. You should be making out with somebody new every single weekend. Find out what kind of kisser you are and what you like and then do that when kissing others.

Play games, tease the guy, change pace, mix it up! Stay exciting when kissing. Now that you got the first one out of the way, get out there and get the next three done!