is it pathetic that you’re 16 and STILL havent really done anything sexual with a guy?

- Ashlee from Chicago, IL

Absolutely not! Just because kids are getting knocked up at 13, doesn’t mean that’s the new age to be an expert at all things sexual. God! Can you imagine if that was it by like 16?! You’ve already done it all before you even graduate high school. No…just…NO! Not pathetic at all. Encouraged, actually. You’re a damn fine upstanding sexual citizen of the world.

And now, you’ll have all of the typical high school movies about losing your virginity before you graduate and stuff, but THAT is suppose to be like, the starting point, not a midway point. In all honesty, and oh man, I can’t believe I’m admitting this, but uhhh, yeah…I actually didn’t even have my first kiss until I was 17yrs old. Second semester of my Senior Year of high school was when I finally even KISSED someone for the first time. So if you think not doing anything sexually with a guy by 16 is pathetic, you are WAY wrong. I’d top the damn pathetic charts if that were the case…and last time I checked…I’m actually not a bad guy! Though, I’m a little older than that now and still haven’t done anything sexually with a guy…Hmmmm.

For me also, when it comes to sex for the first time, I am all for waiting. Honestly, have it be with someone you care about, in a relationship when it actually means something. Please, please, please don’t do it just to “get it out of the way”, ugh! That’s the worst. At least find out what it’s suppose to be on an emotional level.

Hell NO! You better wait for that damn fairytale and prince charming to come sweep you off your feet!  I feel like girls today have no morals and open their legs for anyone for whatever reason. You should be super proud of yourself for not throwing it all out in the open for the boys viewing…this isnt a free show right?!

When I look at the young generation of kids today it actually makes me wanna slap them upside the head and give a swift kick in the ass!  Kids forgot how to be kids(yes- I just called you a kid, but you know what I mean:) Seriously, whats the rush to grow up so fast and take on all these responsibilities?  The way I look at it is, if your old enough to be sexually active you should be old enought to have a child. You want a bun-in-the-oven at 16 yrs old? I think not!

I know theres a lot of teen pressure, judging, and bullies in todays society- sometimes it can make you feel like  a martian in your own skin.  But I assure you honey, your NOT ALONE. Theres tons of girls and guys braging about their awesome sexual conquests, when in reality- its all just bullshit. They just wanna feel excepted and part of the “in” crowd, so they go along for the imaginary ride. When you get older you’ll realize that crowd was just a bunch of dirty hookers…

SO just kidding.

Do yourself the favor and wait to find a rad dude who doesnt make you feel like your home residence is on planet Mars. Dont hook up with some random you thought looked cute in his skinny jeans while sippin on his Vanilla Soy Non-Fat Latte either. Its always good to develop a stable friendship before you venture into the no-no zone, so you dont end up getting your panties in a bunch.  Make the guy work for it too…dont give your goods up too easily- you dont want them to go rotten.

Remember sweetie,  chivalry is NOT dead!!!