My boyfriend doesn’t make me feel special anymore, what do I do?

I am dating a guy who has been my best friend for the past 5 years, we got together almost a year ago and everything was great until recently. I feel like he isn't trying to impress me anymore because he just knows me to well, and he doesn't feel the need. I know he cares and i know he loves me, but he isn't as affectionate towards me as he used to be, he doesn't always treat me like a lady, or be spontaneous. . . I just want to feel special again. I know I am to him, but I want him to put more of an of an effort into this, because i know i go above and beyond for him, because i really do love him more than anything, and I can see us having a life together. - Toki from Cairns QLD

The best and worst part about being with your best friend is falling into a comfortable space¬†quickly. If he isn’t making you feel special its because he’s being a 100% himself with you. Think about how you were in the beginning of your relationship, and I’m sure that you’ll see that you aren’t the same either.

That doesn’t mean that he should get away with not making you feel special. FInd ways to change up your routine. Also give each other some space…absence does make the heart grow fonder, especially if he expects you to be there all the time. Spice up your relationship create fun and naughty things for you two, this will help grow your relationship.