Should I tell my boyfriend pet names bother me?

Let me preface this question with the fact that pet names make me cringe. A new guy I'm dating calls me "hun" all the time. Should I tell him it bothers me? If so, when and how? - Brittany from Dallas, Texas

I personally think its magically delicious,  but too each their own.

It seems like this guy actually cares for you, and doesnt care about being percieved as…do I care say it???….SENSITIVE?!

Finding a guy to let down his guard and show his sensitive side is like finding a pair of Christian Louboutin’s on sale- needless to say, its pretty rare. Obviously,  his intensions seem legit and wants you know your sweet…just like “honey”- hence your cringing hate name.  Hey, it could be worse…you could be stuck with the guy who calls you snookie-wookie-pookie-fluffy-wuffy-bunnykin-pants-in-my-life. Or on the other side of the spectrum, dating a guy who is a total bag of hairy balls, treats you like ass shit, and likes to refer you as “The Village Bicycle”.   Decisions, decisions, decisions…whats a girl to do?!? lol.

If you still not all ba-jig-ity into the terms of endearment just be up front and honest with the lad- open communication is the best advice I can give anyone. Tell him exactly why it bothers you and soon- If you let it go on, its not doing either of you any good. Honesty is the best policy, just be yourself  and I’m sure he’ll have no problem with it “Hun”!

I mean, I get it? Although I constantly refer to my significant other as “cupcake” and “sweetheart”, alot of people just aren’t up on the pet name biznass.

If it really makes you THAT uncomfortable, just tell him!  If someone kept poking you with a stick you’d probably say something, right? Same diff here dudette!  However, you don’t have to be super catty or callous when you bring it up.  You ARE dating and should show a LITTLE compassion, no?

Maybe drop hints through conversation that you’re not so fond of when people call each other ridiculous pet names.  Like, “hey (insert boyfriend’s name here), did you hear that couple in the mall completely fawning over each other and saying BABE this and BABY that? OMG puke!”. If that doesn’t seem to work, try making a joke outta it and call him something uber-redick in retort, liiiike…


Say that a couple times to him in front of his friends and he’ll be begging you to stop!  I’m sure that will get the point across loud and clear! 🙂