How do I stop a guy from asking for me for naked pictures?

This guy that I really like is kind of 'sexting' me. He is always texting me things that he would do to me if we were alone. Im fine with that and text the same back until he asks for a half-naked picture of myself. That however, I am not fine with. I have told him that he should just wait to see me on multiple occasions, yet he wont give up on asking for one. I would hate to ruin what we have because we have been friends for a while and haven't done anything sexual yet. How do I put the thought of a sexual picture to rest? - Tina from New York, NY

…. so here’s the thing about that …. It’s creepy and silly that someone you’re not even seeing is asking you for nakedness. Don’t say that to him (unless it gets super weird, then go for it) … but keep it in mind as you evaluate the situation.

There are really only a handful of options.

1. Be more abrasive on your stance. It’ll let him know what’s up, but it also runs the highest risk of failure. It could very well blow up and stop everything … you’ve been warned. (side note : it’s very difficult to establish a true tone through text. If all of your turn-downs have been texted, how is he supposed to know you’re serious? … and don’t go sending emoticons to try and carry the weight of your position … it cheapens things. Seriously.)

2. Pick up your sext game. Make him forget about pictures. If you’re down, get wordy.

3. You seem alright with the idea of it going somewhere so F**K waiting for him to come to you. Show up at his damn house, and do both of you a favor. It’ll get the ball rolling (too easy, i know) in whatever direction, and that’s better than where you are now.

4. Drop him. Tell him you’re not interested in someone who wants something to jerk off too, instead of the real thing. (this is a classic hail mary situation … it could go either way. He might call you a bitch and never speak to you again, or he might be super interested and then the ball is in your court. Anyway it swings, the situation is handled)

5. Go to an unbiased masseuse … get a rub … vent a little … and hopefully your mind will be clearer at the end …. it could work … and WILL feel great. Win/Win? sorta?

6. Tell him to send you something first, then mock the photo and ask him how it feels to be vulnerable? (psycho/mean approach … not recommended)

7. Just do it? You may end up plastered across the the web or in a mass text string …. but if you’re feeling risky, go ahead? ya know what, that’s not recommended either.


That’s all I got dude. I don’t think it’s a good idea to expose yourself, and you’re initial reaction is probably the right one. The circumstance is dicey … be careful.

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You just flat out tell the guy that you’re not a sleazy, trashy, slut that sends pictures of herself out naked for others to pleasure themselves to on their own time.  I bet he isn’t so willing to send you a picture of his c*ck, so why should you have to compromise yourself for his pleasure?  Here’s the other half to this…if you telling him that you don’t want to send pictures of yourself naked compromises what you have with him…then you need to go find somebody new to strike up a friendship with. Guys will be guys and we will always try to get more out of a girl – but it’s a nice refreshing change of pace when a woman has a little bit of class and doesn’t sum up her credibility with an 8.0 megapixel shot of her tits.

Be stern, be direct, don’t change.  He may not stop asking, but he’ll eventually start respecting.

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