Texting naked pictures, do I tell his girlfriend?

So I was texting my best friend the other day and he randomly asked me for a naked picture, but he has a girlfriend. So I told him no that i didn't want to get in between him and his girlfriend but he insisted so i "sent him a picture" so that he would stop asking (really didn't send anything) and told him it might not send because my phone was partially broken. Anyways he later said since it wouldn't send that i would owe him by giving him head...so the question is..should i tell his girlfriend? (also this is his second time asking a girl for a naked picture during this relationship) - Ambriel Lucero from New York, NY

What a little effing d-bag this guy is!  You don’t owe him shit!  Bottom line, if he has a girlfriend, he should be going to her for oral sex/sex/sexting/etc.  NOT YOU!!!!  Sorry, this is not an insult to you, but more insulting to his girlfriend.  If I was her I would want to know what is going on. texting-naked-pictures

This guy can’t be serious about his relationship at all because his actions say the complete opposite.  Married/dating men don’t go around asking for nude pictures of people they know.  THEY FIND PORN ON THE INTERNET!!!  Also, what happens if this photo just happens to be discovered by his girlfriend?  How would that make you look?  She’d effing hate every ounce of you.  And truth be told, I’d hate you too if I was her.  I’d hate him as well, but she’d probably want to put the blame on someone else so it takes away from the pain of her heartbreak.  I only say this because I have been there before.  I have seen several naked women in my day on my ex’s phone, and it’s something I could never tolerate.  So why would she?  That sort of behavior is unacceptable.

Also, if you’re into this guy, why on earth would you want to pursue some asshole like this?  He’d just wind up doing the same thing to you.  He’ probably cheat on you, lie to you, ask your friends or his other girls for pics all while you sit there thinking everything is just fine and dandy.  Bottom line is that if he is capable of doing it once, he’s going to keep doing it until he really gets hurt.  It’s kinda like the boy who cried wolf.  He won’t stop until he learns his lesson.

Plus, you don’t know who he is sharing these pictures with.  It could be friends of his, friends of yours, mutual friends. . .   And there are tons and tons of websites out there that allow people to put their friends/ex/current partner/etc on blast.  Last thing you want to do is have that photo wind up on some website that is viewed not only by randoms but creep jobs, pedophiles, etc.  Just be smart about this one.