What is love?

Some yrs ago i fall in love with a girl, i don't know she don't like me i wass talking to her tru phone she talk to me will all in my mind is that she we be with me for ever i never new all i '0' but one day i com to ask her a question i sa do you love me she sed no! That day i wass very wick i ask her agn she sed no! I allmost kill my self that very day but god help me i most tk my G'O.D for my life. - Lucas from Edo Benin

The answer to this question can’t actually be found but i’m gonna try to help you out. First of all there isn’t a single love for everyone. This idea that there is only one person in this whole world that your meant to be with is absolute bullshit.

You’re going to find plenty of people who you could potentially fall in love with. But don’t allow yourself to fall for someone you’ve never met. You see attraction is one thing and even convincing yourself that your in love with someone you’ve never met happens especially in this new digital age. But be aware that people are manipulative and the term “catfish” didn’t just happen over night. Be carful who you let in, and check up on the people your getting close too.

People will try to use you, if they think they have power. Don’t let them.