Do I tell my friend’s girlfriend he cheated on her…..with me?

Your friend cheats on his girlfriend with you. Tell her & risk losing his friendship or keep it to yourself? - Breezy from Spokane, WA

First of all, you cant call yourself a friend because if you respected him and his relationship you wouldn’t be in this boat. I just don’t understand people who cheat.

Whats the point?? If your not happy in your current relationship get the F out of it! No, but instead people think they can have their cake and eat to.  What kind of friendship is that anyway? Obviously he doesn’t  respect is own girlfriend, so what makes you think he respects you???

But hey, that’s just my opinion….To each their own.

Alright, so here’s always my big problem with cheating. I get that it’s a best of both worlds kind of thing. I even get the “thrill” aspect of it all. The sneaking around, the hiding….it’s just plain excitement which some people are lacking in any other aspect of their life, so this takes the place of that. And if you’re gonna cheat, there are certain guidelines one needs to follow. Not that I’m coming out supporting cheating, don’t get me wrong, not a fan, because sooner or later, you’re gonna get caught. We’re human. We’re greedy. We always want more, especially if we can have more.

In this case though, it’s a friend. I’d guess, he felt like shit immediately after it happened, has just kind of moved past it, hell, you might have even helped strengthen his relationship as he realizes now that he really does ONLY want to be with his girlfriend. In time though, those feelings will dwindle, and similar to a drug, he’s gonna be looking for that “high” again.

There is certainly a special “bliss” to ignorance, so it’s hard to say whether or not you should keep it to yourself. But, my honest opinion…I blame you.

There is no need to worry about him or his girlfriend if you hadn’t gotten yourself into this situation to begin with. Cheating occurs from a series of situations that you put yourself into. Cheating doesn’t just happen. It starts when things begin to get inappropriate, and then a little further when any physical contact is made, and more and more steps that you continue to go down up to the actual act of cheating. You went with those steps, against your better judgement and conscience (especially if you’re asking now) and let it happen.

I’d say it’s not your place to say anything. You can perhaps encourage him to say something to her, or at the very least call it off since it’s doubtful he gives a shit about her feelings if he’s cheating on her in a committed relationship. The thing you can really do though, is not allow yourself to encourage cheaters. If you knew he was seeing someone, then you were wrong.