And She’s Not Ready For Kids!

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Hey guys, don’t you hate it when you start dating a girl and she isn’t ready for kids yet, and you’re forced to just have fun dating each other…Oh, really, yeah, me neither! Watch SYHAG and judge if people aren’t ready for a kid right now, or if they are just never going to be… Read more »

Reaching For the Bill

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If you don’t want to pay, then don’t reach for the bill! Or…was I supposed to grab the bill out of your hands? Watch as SYHAG attempts to discuss the expectations of “who pays” on a date (in the end, we all pay…)

With Bad Credit

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This week it’s about her number. No, not the number of dudes she’s slept with, though, that’s probably a pretty good tool to measure against. If the number of guys she slept with, is higher than her credit score, you should probably excuse yourself from a relationship with that individual. But does it matter? Just… Read more »

That Wants to Move In

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Oh love, you’re so grand. La di da di da. We’re so happy together…YAY! And hey, we LOVE spending time together. Why don’t…you think…should we….well, do you….YEAH! Let’s move in together. I’m already here all the time anyway, why DON’T we just live together. You know how sometimes you see a friend about to destroy… Read more »

Who’s An Ex

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Remember when you had it so set in your mind that this person was absolutely not the one. You’d slit your wrists if you had to spend one more night listening to their stupid crap. But now, now look at you, back with her again. This week we look at the why. Why DO people… Read more »

You Can’t Please in Bed

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We thought we’d change things up this week a bit and give you guys more of a, raw feel, for filming. Though, we uhh…..we didn’t tell Nick. So this week, where Nick thought we were all filming an episode about foreplay and sex and orgasms it was uhhh…..just him. Dr. Barbarella and JoE were on… Read more »

That’s Just a Bitch

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Let’s face it, she’s a bitch. You know it, I know it, your family and friends probably know it. Which, hey, that’s your decision. After all, she is STILL your girlfriend. We’re here for a different reason than trying to talk you into breaking up with the ginormous twat. We’re here to educate. It’s time… Read more »

Who is Addicted to Her Cell Phone

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I don’t know about you guys, but to me, nothing says love more like frantically sifting through your significant other’s text messages on their phone while they’re in the next room…or not. We’ve all experienced some pretty ridiculous moments in life directly related to cell phone use and our relationships. This week, we plug in… Read more »

Who Cries All the Time

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Gotta give girls credit, when they want something, they know how to get it done. Tears, though. Tears are their most potent weapon. We’d like to think as a human, your heart is going to go out to anyone who appears to be troubled or distraught. This week though, we’re getting to the heart of… Read more »

With a Pet

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Apparently everybody in the world loves pets. Everybody, except for JoE that is. Their cute little faces. Cuddly, fluffy bodies. Unless you’re talking about birds….or fish. This week, we tried to talk about having a pet in a relationship and just failed miserably. What should have been advice turned into us talking about our own… Read more »

Only For Sex

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You already knew it, you just didn’t want to admit it. Whether you were doing the using, or the one being used, we all know this topic a little too well. So what’s in store? What knowledge could we possibly have to depart on you regarding being used for sex? Well, we’ll let you know… Read more »

But She Doesn’t Know It

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Ahhhhh, the wonderful world of stalking. Whether your a creeper yourself, or a newly acclimated victim, you could be in for some great times together. Sitting in a tree outside your house, watching you sleep, it’s all justified in this week’s episode. After all, this is a relationship advice show. What would it be without… Read more »

You Want to Get Rid Of

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You’ve been thinking about it for a while, and now, you’ve finally decided. It’s time to break up! You’re gonna do it. You don’t want to be in this relationship anymore and it’s on to greener (hopefully not literally) pastures. So why the break up, why not stay with them even if you don’t like… Read more »

Who Loves Jesus

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How does it feel knowing you will never be number one in her life. That no matter what you do, she will ALWAYS be in love with another man. Lucky for you, that dude’s been dead for over 2,000 years. This week, we wanted to know how big of a role religion really plays in… Read more »

With a Fetish

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She’s cute, she’s funny, she’s smart, she’s….she’s everything you ever wanted. Oh yeah, and she likes to dress up in leather, chain you to the bed and beat the shit out of you during sex. You start showing up to work like you’re running a fight club out of your bedroom and we’ve got problems…. Read more »

You Cheated On

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Remember what a sweet guy you started off to be. Saying cute things, making her feel like she’s the world, kissing her…I mean, REALLY kissing her. Now…now look at you, it’s pretty pathetic. This week is about the cheating lifestyle. You already know you’re a piece of shit, but this week we’ll help let you… Read more »

And the Sex Has Stopped

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Remember when you thought to yourself, “holy shit am I lucky! All these guys complain about how their girls don’t want to have sex…all this girl wants to DO is have sex!” Walking around like you were on top of the world…and now…just…just nothing. You can’t believe that it’s gone from all the time, to… Read more »

And She Wants to Get Married

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The dealbreaker of all conversations is upon you. She wants to get married, you want to continue being happy. Don’t worry though, we’re here to help. This week, find out how long you should date before you get engaged, how to tell her no and even find out why you should get married. You thought… Read more »


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So you think you might be in a Jersey Shore relationship, huh? MTV helped propagate this particular breed of male that now infests every corner of the world. We are living…in bro days. Find out exactly what a bro is as we answer the age old question of why girls even like bros. Don’t worry… Read more »

Who Is On Her Period

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The transition is amazing, isn’t it. From sweet, caring and all smiles…to this raging twat that makes you question why you’re even with her. It’s a natural, disgusting part of the process of life that causes mood swings, unprovoked crying and fights about stuff you didn’t even know you could fight about. Don’t worry though,… Read more »

Who Only Cares About Money

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All those subtle clues she’s been dropping about the things she wants…it’s not just cute conversation anymore. You, my friend, have what we in the rap industry refer to as a “gold digger”. Does your significant other’s income really even matter? Let us know what you think and also find out if we feel money… Read more »

And She Has a Kid

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You found the person you were destined to be with! What’s even better…there’s a smaller version of them too. Don’t worry though, we’re going to help you through this! Find out some of the benefits of dating someone with a kid, as well as some of the disadvantages (as if you don’t already know!). Plus,… Read more »

And She Thinks You’re an A**hole

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Ever heard the phrase, “behind every good man is a woman who thinks he’s an asshole”? Couldn’t be more true in this week’s episode. We decided to start celebrating St. Patty’s Day a little early and a have a couple drinks on set. Well, some of us had a couple, JoE had a lot. For… Read more »

And She’s Getting Clingy

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Sure, it was all cute at first. The “thinking about you” text messages, phone calls just to say hi, the emails back and forth. But now…well now you’re starting to get a little concerned. The questions keep coming in. “Where were you?”, “who were you with?” or “why didn’t you text me back?” As the… Read more »

Who Still Has Pictures of Her Ex on Facebook

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Obviously your girl is somebody’s ex, but do you really need it thrown in your face(book)? So let’s get straight to it. You probably have a facebook, SHE probably has a facebook and chances are, you’re going to look at each other’s facebook. So! What to do about those pesky exes? This week, it’s all… Read more »

Who Got Fat

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And so it’s happened! That cute little girl you took home all those nights ago has finally gotten comfortable enough around you to let herself go. A little bit at first, but now…NOW it’s starting to show. With weight always being such a delicate topic, is there really a right way to handle it? How… Read more »

Who Your Friends Cannot Stand

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All those years of you two hanging out together has now come to a screeching halt. The friend you love so much has started dating a girl that he’d rather spend more time with than you. Which, wouldn’t be such a bad thing if she wasn’t such a huge bitch. Find out how to handle… Read more »

And It’s Valentine’s Day

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Remember sitting in class in high school when they’d bring the flowers in for all the people that had boyfriends, girlfriends, stalkers, crushes and when you DIDN’T get a flower, you’d curse the holiday’s name? Yeah, us too! This week, love is BARELY in the air. We’ve paired up on screen to discuss our true… Read more »

When to Fart in Front of Her

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Are you really THAT surprised this is a topic? This is a fully legitimate concern for a lot of people and for SYHAG’s own, Nicole, a full out obsession. Let’s face it people, farts are funny. It’s a fact. And this episode proves it. Do you hold it in until you’re about to explode, or… Read more »

You Met Online

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You sucked up your pride and finally did it. You registered for…{{gulp}}…an online dating site. As if being single wasn’t bad enough, you now have to worry about other people seeing you listed on a dating website?! In 2012 though, is the idea of online dating really that far-fetched and “loser-ish” still?! We’ll find out.

Whose Parents Don’t Like You

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w/ special guest Matt Hoffman from CBS’ Big Brother With the holidays here, you’re going to be forced into that awesome situation of “spending time with the family”…and it’s probably not even yours! Now what? What are you suppose to do when your significant other’s parents just don’t like you? From CBS’ Big Brother, special… Read more »

And You Think She’s Cheating on You

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Let’s just face the facts, she’s probably cheating on you. But, what you’re really looking for here is some concrete reasoning behind it all. This week, it’s all about those cheaters of the world. Find out how we define cheating, as well as some insight as to why people cheat. Don’t you worry though, we… Read more »

When To Tell Her You Love Her

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What’s it been, like 3 dates and you’re already positive this person is the one for you? Can’t stop thinking about them, getting butterflies when they’re near, can’t wait to kiss them. Yeah, you’re positive, you’re in love. But now, when do you actually say it. Get a little insight from us about when is… Read more »

And She’s Drunk

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We figured, what better way to talk about a drunk girlfriend, than by being drunk ourselves. Sure you may have met when you were drunk, but now…well now, what the hell! This week we’re barely coherent, but still trying to be your guide through that relationship world. Find out what you should be drinking, the… Read more »

And It’s Time to Meet Her Family

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You’ve been getting the sex for free, now it’s time to meet the cow. With the holidays coming up, you’re bound to get forced into the awkward situation of….ugh! Meeting her family. That’s right you lazy bastard, you actually HAVE to shower now. Maybe even comb the hair and put on your finest old band,… Read more »

And She Has a Past

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Oh how fun! That awkward moment in the relationship when the question of “so, how many people have you slept with?” comes up. That brief hesitation of “do I tell the truth?” This week, we let you know whether it’s okay to lie about your sexual history as we touch on the subject of really,… Read more »

And She Has a Weird Rash

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Maybe it’s time to start worrying. STDs are no laughing matter…well, unless you’re watching this episode. It’s time for the advice you should have paid attention to in health class. Some STDs you already know, others, like “kids”, you may have never even heard of. Let us help you learn what to do when that… Read more »

And She Dresses Like a Slut for Halloween

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A girl’s favorite holiday has become your most dreaded night. Sure, she looks super hot BUT you could definitely do without the 40 other frat boys staring at her chest or grabbing her ass. So how do you handle it? Is there a reason to be jealous? What’s the worst that could happen? Hear it… Read more »

When to Go Facebook Official

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If you’re alive and breathing, at some point or another you’ve heard someone either drop the term “Facebook Official”, or the dreaded acronym…FBO. This time around, we want to know, is FBO a real thing? Do people actually care about their facebook relationship status? We touched on the sensitive topics too! What it means if… Read more »