With Bad Credit

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This week it’s about her number. No, not the number of dudes she’s slept with, though, that’s probably a pretty good tool to measure against. If the number of guys she slept with, is higher than her credit score, you should probably excuse yourself from a relationship with that individual. But does it matter? Just… Read more »

That Wants to Move In

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Oh love, you’re so grand. La di da di da. We’re so happy together…YAY! And hey, we LOVE spending time together. Why don’t…you think…should we….well, do you….YEAH! Let’s move in together. I’m already here all the time anyway, why DON’T we just live together. You know how sometimes you see a friend about to destroy… Read more »

That’s Just a Bitch

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Let’s face it, she’s a bitch. You know it, I know it, your family and friends probably know it. Which, hey, that’s your decision. After all, she is STILL your girlfriend. We’re here for a different reason than trying to talk you into breaking up with the ginormous twat. We’re here to educate. It’s time… Read more »

Who is Addicted to Her Cell Phone

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I don’t know about you guys, but to me, nothing says love more like frantically sifting through your significant other’s text messages on their phone while they’re in the next room…or not. We’ve all experienced some pretty ridiculous moments in life directly related to cell phone use and our relationships. This week, we plug in… Read more »

Only For Sex

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You already knew it, you just didn’t want to admit it. Whether you were doing the using, or the one being used, we all know this topic a little too well. So what’s in store? What knowledge could we possibly have to depart on you regarding being used for sex? Well, we’ll let you know… Read more »

But She Doesn’t Know It

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Ahhhhh, the wonderful world of stalking. Whether your a creeper yourself, or a newly acclimated victim, you could be in for some great times together. Sitting in a tree outside your house, watching you sleep, it’s all justified in this week’s episode. After all, this is a relationship advice show. What would it be without… Read more »